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Matt Lovell

   Matt Lovell
Hometown:   Costa Mesa, CA
Vehicle #:   7244
Vehicle:   Ford Ranger
Race Series:    BITD, SNORE, MORE, SCORE
Raceline Wheels:   15x12.5 Monster Diamond Beadlock

Raceline wheels are hands down the toughest wheel around. After racing 1900 grueling race miles for the season we never had a issue and not even a flat.  We are normally running on around, 18 psi in our tires and hitting speeds around 100 mph. My Raceline Monster diamond beadlocks hold it all together and  have never let me down. Not even once!

Racing class 7200 / mid sized trophy truck is very competitive to say the least. Most of the competition we race against has big budgets, big crews and heavy horsepower. With that in mind it makes it hard for us, as a rookie team to run up front. But we have been beating the odds and doing it all year. It has been in part because of our constancy. We just keep going and going and our RACELINE wheels helps make that happen in a big way. We ran a total of 1900 race miles and around 2000 prerun and testing miles, for the 2010 season.  In that time we never had to change a wheel or have any problems with our tire wheel combo ever!!!. In some races we finished within seconds of our competition. So we need any advantage we can get. So without having to take unnecessary pit stops, for blown tire beads, flats or broken wheels. We can keep our consistency advantage and run all day with out issues.  I feel very confident in having RACELINE wheels under my feet.

2011 Race Schedule

BITD:  Feb 4-6   Bluewater Parker “425”
SNORE: Mar 26-27 The Mint “400”  -TBD
BITD : Apr 29-30 Silver State   “300”
BITD:  Aug 18-20 Vegas to Reno The Long Way
BITD   Oct 14-16 BlueWater Desert Challenge
BITD:  Dec 2-4   Transwest Ford henderson  “250”
SNORE: Dec 10-12 Rage at the River -TBD


2010 Race Accomplishments


2010 Events

4 Wheel Wholesale Store Event -   NOV-2009 - Azusa, CA. -Race Truck and Team on Display
Sand Sports Super Swap -  FEB-2010 - Irvine, CA- Race Truck and Team on Display  
The Mint 400- Pre Race Show and Shine- MARCH-2010 - Las Vegas -NV. - Race Truck and Team on Display  
Extreme Motorsports Expo-  MAY -2010 - Orange County, CA- Race Truck and Team on Display  
Barrette Jackson-   JUNE-2010 - Orange County,  CA- Race Team on Display
Bee Hive Sports Bar, Benefit for the families of MDR -  JULY- 2010 - Huntington Beach , CA- Race Truck and Team on Display
Sand Sports Expo- SEP- 2010 - Orange, CA - Race Truck and Team on Display

Crusin’ for the Cure - SEP -2010 -Orange County, CA- Race Truck and Team on Display
Industrial Metal Supply Grand Opening - OCT- 2010 Irvine, CA - Race Truck and Team on Display


     Off road racers race for many reasons. But for me it's not just the race that lured me in. It's adventure, adrenaline and the camaraderie of my Friends and Family working together for a greater goal.

      The 2010 Vegas to Reno had all of these aspects plus much, much more. Team MLR's resilience to adversity really came through. This race turned out to be our worst finishing position we had all year.  But by far it was our most successful.  We only had a crew totaling 7 and that’s including navigators and driver.  Tired and utterly exhausted, the Team MLR race truck came across the finish line with only a few hours to spare before the finish line closed. It was a total of 20 hours 23 minutes and 20 second. It was a true test for our rookie crew. Many unforeseeable issues happened during our time on the course such as: Blow trans, broken driveshaft, getting stuck twice etc, etc. But never once did anyone ever think to give up and park the race truck on the trailer. We all worked together as a team and we gave 110% for 20 hours straight. It was
a true team effort and we all pulled together to make it happen.
 Most people would look at our 9th place finish as not very successful. But funny thing about measuring success, is that sometimes it’s not the place you finish but the path, to just FINISH.

     2011 is Team MLR year to shine. Last year we jumped around doing a couple different series to test out the waters. For the upcoming 2011 season we are focusing our efforts with BITD race series and we are setting our sights for a championship and as well as a rookie of the year title.